Cloud security

Our team of security experts provides you with a comprehensive cloud infrastructure security compliance assessment, which is tailored to your organisation‘s unique needs. This assessment covers both organisational and technical means of cloud security.

Our process for cloud security assessment

  • Assessment of external compliance requirements which are applicable to your organisation
  • Selection of the most proper information security management standards, frameworks, and best practices 
  • Security assessment, conducted using interviews, discussions, questionnaires, and on-site evaluations
  • Establishing the current state of your clouds infrastructure’s security and giving a detailed report on your cloud infrastructure’s security vulnerabilities as well as recommendations on how to address them


  • You will know your current cloud infrastructure’s security status
  • You will understand your most critical cloud infrastructure’s vulnerabilities
  • You will be able to plan and prioritise your investments in cloud security
Paulius Daukšas
Cybersecurity consultant

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