CyberSet is a CSIRT or SOC services automation toolkit. It works as a set of technologies and operational procedures, which provides CSIRTs and SOCs with typical service delivery capabilities, such as security monitoring and incident management. The toolkit enables cybersecurity teams to gain service delivery capabilities much faster and in a more structured manner than by developing them organically.

Typical CSIRT or SOC services areas enabled with CyberSet are:

Information security event management
Information security incident management
Vulnerability management
Situational awareness
Knowledge transfer

The key features and benefits of CyberSet toolkit

  • Speed: Pre-made methods, procedures, blueprints, and roadmaps. With CyberSet it typically takes 6 months instead of 2 years to gain service delivery capabilities. 
  • Optimised cost of ownership: CyberSet is designed with open source, hence, it is more cost effective. Cost of ownership is optimised as both the initial investment and later incurred costs are low due to lower license fees and short period of time required to get to know how to use the product. 
  • Focus on main tasks: The cybersecurity team can concentrate on primary duties of incident management rather than on technology and tools engineering and deployment. 
  • Know-how: The toolkit has been developed and is delivered by experienced field experts who have implemented CSIRT and SOC projects all around the world for organisations of various scope, size, and complexity. 

Components of CyberSet  

  • Tools (such as MISP, RTIR, etc.) 
  • Technologies:  
    • Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) processing platform 
    • CTI dashboard 
    • CTI dissemination platform 
    • Constituent information system 
    • Ticketing system 
  • Sandbox platform 
  • Service delivery blueprint design and documentation 
  • Processes and procedures set-up 
  • Web portal  

Why CyberSet?

When setting-up CSIRT or SOC, organisations are faced with two alternatives for gaining service delivery capabilities: do it organically or choose automation solutions. Here is how CyberSet compares with both.

Alternative 1: Do it yourself. In this case, the organisation chooses to develop and arrange everything organically by arranging technologies and operational procedures. Yet, the team in charge of it requires to have a lot of experience and know-how about technology, processes as well as roles and responsibilities in order to make them work in a harmonious way.

Alternative 2: Other solutions. CyberSet is designed with open source, hence, it is more cost effective. Also, the set works as a toolkit covering various services, while other solutions offer enablement of one or only a few services.


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