Digital Forensics course

About the course

While more of our routine activities move to the digital environment, the number of cyber incidents and crimes is rapidly increasing. Investigating them requires deep knowledge and specific expertise, especially when gathering evidence, such as digital footprints. To find, collect, and capture them special technology is not enough – professional knowledge is also required. Digital forensics has long been an exclusive area for law enforcement and special services, but more and more digital examinations are undertaken by organisations themselves to investigate incidents outside the scope of criminal investigations.


The course has been designed for IT specialists and investigators performing forensics examinations and analysis.

We can offer generic digital forensics training such as computer forensics, mobile forensics, internet forensics as well as Windows, Linux, or Mac forensic. These training courses provide the overview of common principles and procedures in digital investigations and enable the participants to update their knowledge on evidence collection in a rapidly changing digital world.

After the course, you will be able to:


Find and collect digital evidence more quickly and accurately


Reduce the time taken for digital evidence investigation and analysis


Find hidden or damaged artefacts

We also offer specialised training on information gathering and analysis using specific technologies such as X-Ways, Cellebrite, AccessData, Magnet, Oxygen, and more.

Paulius Daukšas
Cybersecurity consultant

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