IT security audit

IT security audit is a comprehensive assessment of your organisation’s security posture and IT infrastructure. Carrying out the audit will help you find and assess the vulnerabilities that exist within your IT networks, connected devices, and applications. It will give you the opportunity to fix security loopholes and achieve compliance. NRD Cyber Security provides the following IT security auditing services:

Security risk assessment

Our team of security experts will help you identify the main processes, critical assets, most important threats as well as evaluate the applicable organisational and technical controls and measures. Our risk assessment is based on assessing external compliance requirements, establishing the current state of information security management, determining, and defining key risks and selecting the most applicable information security management standard or framework. After the assessment, your organisation will know its most critical vulnerabilities and will have recommendations on how to solve them.

Business and IT continuity check

To ensure the functioning of core business processes and IT systems in critical disruptions and to protect your assets, you need to be aware of which processes and IT systems are critical as well as what their recovery time would be.

Our team of security experts will provide you with a comprehensive business and IT continuity assessment to be ready for any critical disruptions. The assessment is based on international standards, legislation, and best practices. We conduct it by performing a business impact analysis, evaluating the data, which would be crucial to recover, and the time which is needed to do so. After the assessment, you can be assured that your organisation is compliant with industry standards and is well prepared to continue operating, should a cybersecurity incident occur.

Third party security audit

NRD Cyber ​​Security conducts a comprehensive security management assessment of the third parties used by your organisation, i.e., your suppliers and partners. The assessment includes the most important organisational and technological security measures. We review your organisation’s procedures and documentation for third-party security management and the applicable requirements and standards. We also identify accounts held by third parties and their access rights, and whether their activities are adequately monitored. Penetration testing of related information systems and IT resources allows you to identify opportunities to escalate access rights and otherwise gain access to unauthorised or redundant information. A detailed report will give your organisation an impression of the current situation, potential vulnerabilities, and the recommendations received will help to eliminate them and raise the level of security.

Benefits to your organisation

  • The evaluation will be carried out by a team of qualified cybersecurity experts with extensive experience
  • You will know the level of your IT infrastructure security
  • You will understand where your organisation’s critical security vulnerabilities lie
  • You will receive a comprehensive list of recommendations to help you effectively direct your organisation’s cybersecurity investments and other resources
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