Vulnerability management

What is vulnerability management?

Vulnerability management solutions are designed to detect vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure components, web applications, and insecure hardware and software, which may be due to the failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the set-up or open ports.

Depending on the solution you choose, vulnerabilities can be detected by scanning certain IT infrastructure components at a selected time or frequency, or automatically when the solution itself performs a proactive search for vulnerabilities in already identified IT infrastructure components.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Timely detection of vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure reduces the risk of intrusion and data loss
  • Gaps associated with programming errors or configuration issues become apparent
  • With a proactive solution, your organisation gets the latest information about where and how your IT infrastructure could be compromised
  • Vulnerability scans provide recommendations that allow specific steps to be taken to strengthen your cyber resilience

NRD Cyber ​​Security specialists work with several manufacturers of vulnerability management solutions, so they can advise on the best option for your IT infrastructure.

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